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 · Whether for the military, public service, scout troop, etc., many people wear uniforms with patches. Sometimes you will need to sew a new patch on your uniform when you get promoted or earn a new badge. Sewing …


Home > ARMY > ARMY OCP > NAME TAPE - BLACK on OCP SEW-ON. NAME TAPE - BLACK on OCP SEW-ON. Price: $2.25. IN STOCK. Usually ships in 1 to 2 days. ... blood type over left ear and battle roster over right ear. This item is for wear with Army OCP Uniforms. Product Reviews. Login to rate or review this product (1 Rating, 0 Reviews) ...

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Embroidered military nametapes. Army, Air Force (USAF), Navy (USN) & Marine Corps (USMC) name tapes to sew on or attach with hook backing. For Active Duty & Cadets in JROTC / ROTC or Cadet Corps. These Name tags can be custom embroidered with your last name or school name. Custom name tapes meet all military regulations. 39 item (s) - Page 1 of 3.

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This sew on USSF (U.S. Space Force) name tape features your name custom embroidered in admiral blue thread on 3-Color OCP fabric to stand out from your uniform. Features. USSF 3-Color OCP Name Tape with admiral blue thread; No hook backing, intended for …

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 · Military nametapes are worn by the Army, Navy, Air Force, Coast Guard and Marine Corps on daily working uniforms and flightsuits. Nametapes are required to be sewn to most uniforms; the Army is transitioning to hook-and-loop adhesive nametapes, but the backing still must be sewn to the uniform.

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Authentic military name tapes for U.S. Army, Air Force, Marines, Navy, Coast Guard and the Space Force. Name Tapes for the OCP Uniform, BDU Uniforms and Classic fatigues. Custom color name tapes for groups, organizations, or for individuals to personalize …


 · CHAPTER 4: THE MILITARY UNIFORM . UNIFORMS . GENERAL. A sharp looking uniform is an indication of self-respect, pride, alertness and positive attitude. When you wear your uniform, you represent both the US Army and ROTC to all on campus that see you. When the uniform is worn, it should always be clean, neat and complete. Headgear will be

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 · How to Sew a Patch onto a Military Uniform. Without patches, a military uniform would be little more than an outfit made out of tactical fabric. There are rules and regulations for every patch that belongs on a uniform. With practice, you can sew them on at home in minutes.

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a. Insignia, distinguishing, U.S. Army tape. (1) Description. For the combat utility uniforms and ECWCS, the insignia is 5 inches in length with the individual's last name on a hook- and-loop-faced pad and the inscription "U.S. Army" in black block letters sewn on a camouflaged pattern tape to match the uniform.


US ARMY regulation embroidered ACU U.S. ARMY tapes that are to be sewn to the uniform. The tapes are made from ACU digitized fabric are without hook backing. CAP RANKS - ACU SEW-ON PAIR. Price: From $1.25 to $2.75. US ARMY regulation embroidered ACU rank insignias that are to be sewn on the cap. The insignias are made on ACU pattern material.

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The use, location, and styles of name tapes varied greatly during the Vietnam War. Originally, the OG-107 Utility Uniform and the Tropical Combat Coat used a white cotton web name tape placed above the right pocket. The name tape had the soldiers last name either stenciled or embroidered in black. The "US ARMY" tape was a woven nylon tape in ...

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 · Yes, that is right. On all camouflage patterns of the battle uniform, UCP, OEF-CP, and OCP, soldiers are allowed to sew the name tape, US Army tape, rank, and all approved badges. Badges must be sewn on or pinned on entirely; soldiers are not permitted to combine sew-on and pin-on badges.

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 · New, set of 2 original, standard sized current issue US Army Name Tapes on OCP Army camouflage without the velcro backing to sew on the OCP Shirt, Cap, Vest and other gear. Black embroidered letters on Scorpion camo tape. These custom order items are made in the USA by the same company that provides them to US military personnel.

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 · Uniform Nametape takes pride in supplying military personnel with the finest embroidered patches in the industry. We offer an extensive selection of military rank insignias for US Army, Navy, Air Force, Coast Guard, and Coast Guard Auxiliary personnel. These sew-on collar embroidered Army, Navy, Air Force, and Coast Guard rank insignias are ...

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 · Soldiers are allowed to sew the name tape, US Army tape, rank, and all authorized badges on all camouflage patterns of the combat uniform, UCP, OEF-CP, and OCP. If badges are worn, they must be all sewn on or all pinned on; soldiers are not allowed to mix sew-on and pin-on badges.

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Name tapes with woven-in name and velcro reverse side If you want a name on your uniforms, shirts etc., we have a very cheap solution, which will certainly cause a stir amongst your colleagues. Our name tapes with velcro have your own text woven in, not embroidered or printed, so durability is high and the finish is in a class of its own.

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 · Sew the stripe onto the outer seam of each leg of your dress blue trousers. The stripe must finish at or in the waist seam and cannot extend over the top of the waistband. Secure the stripes with red silk thread. Sew them into place with a straight machine stitch. 00:00.

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 · How do you sew on a military patch? Using either thread the color of the area you will be sewing or clear thread, use your sewing machine to sew the patches to the uniform. Sew just along the inside edge of the patches . Backstitch the beginning and end of the stitch to keep the thread in place. Can you sew on Velcro name tapes?

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You can order Custom Sewn Military Name tapes to sew onto your uniform, so all the information others need is readily seen on your shirt. When you are looking through the selection of name tapes, you should make sure to get ones that match the specific type of uniform you have.

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 · Soldiers are permitted to sew the name tape, U.S. Army tape, rank, and all authorized badges on all camouflage patterns of the combat uniform, Universal Camouflage Pattern, OEF-CP, and OCP ...

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Name & Branch Tapes. Kel-Lac offers custom embroidered military branch & name tapes for army, air force, navy, marines & more. Get velcro or sew-on name tape to match your uniform. From name tapes, branch tapes or custom patches, KEL-LAC is qualified to meet your needs. Whether it's a standard mil-spec name tape or developing a new unit or ...

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OCP Name Tapes for the U.S. ARMY uniforms. We offer both Sew on Name Tapes and Name Tapes with hook fastener made with VELCRO® Brand Hook Fastener for the United States Army OCP uniform. Our Name Tapes are professionally embroidered to official Military specifications.

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 · lubyluby Mon 01-Sep-08 07:38:30. sewing so much better, if you intend handing uniform down as we are. i got our labels from ebay for £1.75 and sewed them on last night, only takes a couple of minutes. for easier identifing i think it needs to be flat in things liek shirts and sweatshirts, but for trousers i …