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 · Identify straight-edged weapons as infantry swords of this period using your weapon identification book. Although infantry officers sometimes used curved weapons, this was contrary to the designed purpose of the weapon, and straight or very slightly curved swords were the norm for men of the Civil War who carried an edged weapon. 00:00.

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Best Sellers The Order of the Spur is a Cavalry tradition within the United States Army. Civil War Reenactment Hats Reenacting the American Civil War began even before the real fighting had ended. Buffalo Soldier Hats The nickname probably started in 1873 …

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Prof strong binoculars army autozoom 21x-260x60 bak7 1030 Survival knife military folding 15w1 camo ck-m507c Luneta teleobiektyw monokular teleskop wodoodporna 38x 4k bak4 yms-38xt Polish officer saber wz1921 without a sheath, smooth g.borowski - demountable Excellent scandinavian knife with mora scabbard ws404364 Survival kit 12-in-1 zs-6 Polish officer saber wz1921 without sheath honor …

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An auction site for collectors of police, fire, military and other law enforcement memorabilia

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Below you'll find our large assortment of U.S. Army Lapel pins. These Army lapel pins and hat pins' quality are guaranteed. We are grateful for your service and are proud to offer these United States Army military lapel pins to our customers.


AMERICAN OFFICERS SABER. Description: Circa about 1820. Curved 31 inch blade, broad shallow fuller, brass stirrup hilt of simple form. Bone grip carved with ribbed, fluted and diagonally reeded panels. VG condition with light pitting; grip chipped below pommel, cracked down one side-otherwise fine condition. No scabbard.

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 · Scottish Swords, Basket Hilt Swords and Broadswords. Scottish Swords for sale feature a variety of historical and traditional styles. Scottish Swords available include claymores, basket guard swords and William Wallace longswords. Buy all types of popular historical and medieval Scottish Swords on sale now. Scottish Dirks. $49.99. Claymore Swords.

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 · If you would like to buy a military sword that is perfect in every detail but doesn't cost an absolute fortune, Sword World is the place for you. We love swords as much as you do. When you buy a military sword online, you need to make sure the company you deal with is trustworthy.

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 · U.S. American Eagle Pommel Officer's Saber Description: This is Ketland style Officer's Saber with a 28.5" curved blade. The blade retains nearly all of the original bright blue and gold finish. The grip is very fine condition and is a reeded bone. The …

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 · Military Swords for sale include all types of designs. The most popular swords include light and heavy cavalry sabers, officer and NCO swords. Buy all types of swords and sabers from modern US Military Swords to historical Union and Confederate designs on sale now. We are proud to be a preferred military supplier for Over 26 Years.

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A forged stainless steel blade hammered to the correct curvature. It is hardened to ca. 48-52° HRC Rockwell, then well-tempered and hand-polished. The blade is etched with United States Marine Corps pattern. The acid-etch is so deep one can feel it with a …

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 · Infantry and Artillery Officer pattern 1790 -1857 49.50US (49.50CAN) KNT023 This knot is very similar to the above knot, except the bullions become larger and the top of the tassel becomes hour glass shape. Evidence shows it being used as early as 1790 with some officers. It …

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 · I charge the vicious Chinese seller who sells the China fake Guntō in eBay.→ Cautions a fake ※ Updating (December 13, 2013) : For the site improvement, the conventional page is advancing the move to a new site. The page of this "table of contents" should click an update button each time.

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Military Uniform Supply, Inc. $1000. $10.00. Shipping Policy. Denominations. $10.00 $25.00 $50.00 $100.00. $10.00 - Email When Available $25.00 - Email When Available $50.00 - Email When Available $100.00 - Email When Available. Quantity. Email When Available.

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CSA 1860 Light Cavalry Army Saber Civil War Confederat e Officer Sword CH. $39.98. Time left:25d 15h 32m. Enlarge. Handmade T10 Steel WWII Type 98 Gunto Japanese Officer Katana Sword Sharp Blade. $299.98. Time left:8d 11h 14m.

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African American Officers in Liberia tells the story of seventeen African American officers who trained, reorganized, and commanded the Liberian Frontier Force from 1910 to …

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Military Swords. William Scully Ltd. supplies military carbon steel swords to units across Canada. Our swords are the sealed patterns held at the Department of National Defence and the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. We are very proud of the fact that Scully swords have been carried by Canadian Officer's for over 140 years.

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Military United States Army Officer Saber Sword Replica The blade of the sword has been constructed from 440 Stainless Steel with partial false upper edge. The guard of the sword is full wrap design constructed from 440 Stainless Steel.

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One of the most prized blades in Napoleon's army was the custom-made saber that was forged for his renowned Lancer Officers. Equipped with a curved blade and sharp point, and coupled with a three-bar-hilt for excellent hand protection.

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additional charge. All Evaluations and Appraisals are conducted by Jason Kaplan himself. Jason has extensive experience with antique Bayonets, Swords and Firearms, and all Military Collecting. To do an Appraisal, we must take photos and examine the item in person. You will be contacted by phone or email once initial Evaluation is complete.

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Military Swords Replicas for Sale in UK | CSA Cavalry Swords. A sword is a type of item which is used to cutting and thrusting. It is longer than a knife or dagger, consists of a long blade and a hilt. Historically the sword first constructed in the Bronze Age that has the daggers.

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Japanese Army Company Grade Officer's Sword $ 295.00. Item Number: 54004. SOLD! Signed Japanese Wakizashi Blade $ 295.00. Item Number: 53320. SOLD! Signed WWII Japanese Army Officer Shin Gunto Sword $ 1,250.00. Item Number: 53876. WWII Type 19 Company Grade Officer Kyu-Gunto Sword with Family Mons Crest

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 · On a hunt to find a saber inspired by that of Qui-Gon Jinn I discovered the custom saber community. I had seen amazing pieces of art and creation and was just fixated on making my own. The Journey of a Jedi. After doing a lot of research and getting a lot help from the community, I managed to build my first saber in October 2013. Built on my ...

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Here are our antique non-infantry / navy / cavalry patterns, plus very old pre-Georgian British military and East India Company related swords; this is where you will also find the British artillery and Royal Engineer swords that we have for sale.

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US Army Officer uniforms used during the Mexican War era were those adopted in 1832, 1841 and 1846. Officer Dress Coats were quite ornate with gold lace on their Tail Coats and slashes on the sleeves to denote rank. Although regulations were not always followed, we have tried to adhere our reproduction uniforms to Army Regulations for accuracy. ...

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Black Watch Royal Highlanders Regimental Drum by Potter £ 1,150.00; Wollaton Hall Brown Bess T Ketland and Co £ 2,450.00; British 'Thomas Wilson's 1859 Patent Rifle £ 1,950.00; Highlanders Victorian Regimental Pipers Dirk Etched Blade £ 1,450.00; British 1899 Cavalry Troopers Sword £ 895.00; Cavalry 1882 Victorian Cavalry Troopers Sword £ 1,650.00 ...

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We are especially proud to bring you fully approved dress and drill sabers and swords made by the current government contractors. We know our fighting men ask for and deserve the very best. We would be equally proud to deliver to you any of the …