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The Roman army was the backbone of the empire's power, and the Romans managed to conquer so many tribes, clans, confederations, and empires because of their military superiority. It was also the source of the empire's economic and political strength, …

25 Incredible Ancient Roman Quotes You Should Know

 · Pliny the Elder or Gaius Plinius Secundus (23 AD – 79 AD), was an ancient Roman author, naturalist, and natural philosopher – known for his encyclopedic work, Naturalis Historia. Like some eminent Romans of his time, Pliny also had a career in …

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 · The following information is intended to give a generic picture of military organization, armor, weaponry, etc. during the late Republic and early Empire. LEGIONS (legio): The legion was the basic unit of Rome's standing army of career soldiers, the legionaries, who were all Roman citizens and fought primarily as foot-soldiers (infantry).

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 · Ancient roman army or military was also termed as a roman region which was specially created and recruited by roman citizens. In the ancient times, the roman military consisted of 5000 soldiers and divided into different ranks and departments, …

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 · Urban is probably most famous for their 3/4 face and full face motorcycle helmets, though they do offer a broad range of other gear too including hats, t-shirts, board shorts, skateboard decks, and flannels. The helmet range is extensive with a …

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The official discussion board of R.A.T. is a friendly place to discuss ancient Roman military history, re-enactm

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 · While they are passed out, gently and inconspicuously place your fleshy bag on their forehead while carefully laying down your dudemeat down the bridge of their nose in parallel fashion

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USD 110. Third Reich Weacht & Kriegsmarine Battle damage, Decal. - 13% Weacht helmet M40 / from Stalingrad Product number: t1n3550. USD 150 USD 130. Third Reich Weacht & Kriegsmarine Battle damage, Camo, Decal. - 13% Winter camo Weacht helmet M40 / from Sinyavino Product number: t1n7990. USD 750 USD 650.

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 · Roman meat helmet in Community Dictionary. The act of placing one's balls on the attention sockets, and permitting your penis slip across sufferers nostrils. The desired effect provides the appearance of a vintage roman warrior helmet. by Helene Inouye Report definition.

Urban Dictionary: Roman War Mask

 · The act of getting a to suck you off to the point of ejaculation and at the last second pulling out, dropping your balls over her eyes and slapping her on the forehead slinging cum in a line through her hair. giving the appearance. of an old Roman War Mask

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Roman Republic. The Roman Republic describes the period in which the city-state of Rome existed as a republican government, from 509 B.C. to 27 B.C. Rome's republican government is one of the earliest examples of representative democracy in the world. …

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 · Roman Headwear The costume traditions of the ancient Romans were, in general, fairly simple. Romans did not tend to wear hats or decorative headdresses throughout the long history of their civilization, which lasted from the founding of the city of Rome in 753 b.c.e. to the fall of the Roman Empire in 476 c.e. Source for information on Roman Headwear: Fashion, Costume, and Culture: …

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Roman War Helmet with Battle Damage. Roman War Mask. roman warrior helmet. Roman Warship. Roman Week. roman wet willy. Romany. Roman Yogurt. Roman Zolanski.

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 · Schools and Standing of the Gladiators . Gladiators did not fight in the Roman army, but after the Spartacus revolt in 73 BCE, some were professionally trained to perform in the arena. Training schools (called ludus gladiatorius) taught prospective …

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the act of a man laying his testicles in ones eye sockets and laying his dick down the middle of the persons nose to their lips thus resmbling a trojan helmet

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 · Roman Helmet: [noun] the "event" whereby a male puts his scrotum and testicles on a person's forehead - while they are asleep, passed out, or otherwise non-responsive - and then places his penis down the bridge of their nose. Yo dude he's passed out . Give him a Roman helmet .

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 · helmet: [noun] a haircut or hair style. Usually used derogatorily. Look, she got a new helmet . See more words with the same meaning: hair, facial hair .

Urban Dictionary: Roman meat helmet

 · The act of placing one's balls over the eye sockets, and letting the penis fall down over the victims nose. The desired effect gives the appearance of an old roman warrior helmet.

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Crixus was a Gallic slave and gladiator that escaped captivity and became one of the leaders of the rebel army in the Third Servile War, between slaves and the Roman republic. Emperor Commodus, portrayed by Joaquin Phoenix in the film Gladiator, was a known fan of gladiator combat and ventured into the the arena himself many times.

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 · The Vigiles dealt with petty criminals like thieves and runaway slaves. When more force was needed, like during riots or against gangs, other more military groups were used such as the Praetorian Guard and the urban cohorts. Roman Constitution …

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Charlie masc. proper name, familiar form of Charles (also see -y (3)); 1965 in Vietnam War U.S. military slang for "Vietcong, Vietcong soldier," probably suggested by Victor Charlie, military communication code for V.C. (as abbreviation of Viet Cong), perhaps strengthened by World War II slang use of Charlie for Japanese soldiers, which itself is probably an extension of the 1930s derogatory ...

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Thanks to the amazing success of several Greek-styled movies, Greek helmets have become something of a modern fixation. And at Medieval Armour, we offer a number of these classic Greek helms, featuring ones that were seen on-screen as well as ones that were used by Greek hoplites and Greek warriors throughout history.